At Nick Blackmore Picture Framing in Brunswick all mouldings are made in-house from selected timbers. The picture frames are joined at the corners with splines, stained and finished in shellac or wax, or hand painted then cut and polished. All artwork is mounted using acid free techniques. The objective is a simple, understated piece of wall furniture that presents the artwork to its greatest advantage but doesn't distract.

For the artist planning an exhibition:

A polished presentation will make your work look even better. At Nick Blackmore Picture Framing in Brunswick, experience and professional advice will set up your exhibition to achieve the best result.

We design and manufacture plinths, racks, stands and other display equipment with and without illumination.

With an acquired work or treasure:

Consultation with an experienced framer and skilled maker unconstrained by a standard range of materials leads to superior mounting and framing.

For more information or a quote please contact Nick on 0432 910326 or